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April showers bring May flowers, and boredom! Several rainy days in a row can turn happy preschoolers into grumpy, cooped up spring fever sufferers! The cure? First of all take them out in the rain. They won't melt. Let them splash in every puddle they find, pick up worms off the sidewalk, dance with an umbrella and float paper boats in the gutters. Join them! You'll find you won't melt either and even a rainy, spring day can be joyful!

But when the kids are done, soaked and ready to come in and dry off, here's a few simple activities for a rainy day. Build these easy springtime projects from wooden blocks! It's something new and different to do with a set of wooden blocks for kids.

Springtime brings flowers blooming, bees a buzzing, and butterflies too! Your preschooler can easily build all of these from a few simple wooden blocks. Preschoolers like to recreate simple things that are familiar. These are easy designs for a 3 or 4 year old child. 



springtime tulip

Using 8 blocks you can make your own tulip. We used (2)small triangles, (1)large triangle, (1)4" column, (1)small arch and (3)rhombus blocks.

Just arrange your pieces flat on the table in this order as shown below

Start with the column for the stem

Add the (2)small triangles for the leaves

Above the stem place the large triangle with the point down

Place the small arch above the large triangle, the curve facing up

Use the (3) rhombus to form the petals  wooden

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These fun shaped blocks are a great addition to any block set.


butterfly made from blocks design

Caterpillars change to a butterflies, and your blocks can too, with a few different shapes and a little creativity!

Recreate this spotted design on the wings using our "window" blocks with hole in them. This butterfly uses the following wooden blocks-

For this project use the following blocks-

(1)6" column , (2)2"single hole windows, (2)small triangles , (4)4"single hole windows, (2)4" small wedges and (2)6" small


Start with the column block for the body

Upper wings are made from (2)4" window blocks and (2)4" small wedges placed below the window blocks

Lower wings are made from (2)4" window blocks and (2) 6" small wedges placed below the window blocks

Use (2) small triangles for antenna

Balance (2) 2" single hole windows against the body for the eyeswooden blocks butterfly design

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things to make from blocks bee

Here's a cute little bee you and your preschooler can make from wooden building blocks. Just 4 simple steps for your busy preschooler to make a busy bee from wooden blocks.

For this project use the following blocks-

(3)2" small blocks, (4)2" large blocks, (2)rhombus, (2)2"single hole window, (1)6"small wedge


Simply place the 6" small wedge block flat on the table.

build a bee from kids blocks


Take the (4)2" large blocks and lean 2 against each side of the wedge. The top of the blocks leans on top of the wedge and the bottom of the blocks rests on the table.

things to build from blocks bee


Stack the (2) 2" single hole windows on top of each other in front of the body to make his head and eyes. Then place the (3)2" small blocks on their long edge to make his legs.

wooden blocks activity for kids bee


Place the (2) rhombus blocks on top of the body, one on top of the other as shown below.

Now your busy little buzzy bee is complete!

kids activity make bee from wooden blocks

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We hope you have many sunny days this spring season but when you don't and the rainy day blues show up, get out the wooden blocks and build, build, build!

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