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A fairy tale is defined as a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands, where improbable events lead to a happy ending. Fairy tales often involve elves, hobgoblins, dragons, fairies and other magical creatures. One fun, magic filled story kids love, is Jack and the Beanstalk. A classic fairy tale with magic, imaginary beings, improbable events and of course a happy ending (well for Jack, maybe not so happy for the giant!) Kids love to read these well known stories.They delight in a parent's grumbly voice repeating an ogreish Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum". It's even more exciting to act out a favorite well loved story. Let them dress up and pretend to be Jack or better yet a big, mean giant who's trying to eat you. Here's another idea for creative activity for the little ones. "Build" a story using wooden blocks. Illustrate in 3D your family's own version of Jack and the Beanstalk using a wooden block set. Build the beanstalk, a giant's castle, golden egg laying hen, harp and of course the giant himself all from some simple wooden blocks. Blocks are a creative, natural and educational toy that provide hours of fun for kids! Build with blocks today and let these classic toys tell a classic tale!

So read along with Back To Blocks as we tell our version of Jack and the Beanstalk!

Jack and his mother were poor. They had no money so one day Jack was sent to sell their cow, Milky White. Jack met a crafty little old man who offered to buy the cow. But instead of money he gave Jack 3 bean seed promising him they were magic. When Jack got home his mother was furious that he had traded their cow for 3 measly beans. She promptly threw them out the window.

The next morning when Jack went outside he was shocked to find a gigantic bean stalk that had sprouted from those seeds his mother had tossed out the window.

Build a beanstalk

make a beanstalk from wooden blocksUse our "windows" and columns blocks to make your beanstalk. Make it tall.

He climbed up that magical beanstalk and what do you think he saw there in the clouds? A gigantic castle!

Build a castle

castlewooden blocks castle

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Here are the blocks needed to make this castle. We used our "Castle Creator" 118 piece block set for this project.

Small Blocks-(15)2", (8)4",(4)6"

Large Blocks-(12)2",(8)4",(4)6"


Wedges-(2)4" small , (2)4" large

Columns-(2)8", (6)6"

Windows-(2)2" single hole, (4)double, (4)triple

castle blocks needed


Place (2)4" small blocks standing on their ends about 4" apart. Then add a large arch on top. Make 2 of these as shown below.

wooden blocks castle 1


Add a 4" large block standing on end outside of each of the 4" small blocks. Then on top of each of these place a stack of (2)2" small pieces laying flat on top of the 4" large pieces.

wooden blocks castle 2


Add (4)6" small blocks lying flat on top.

wooden blocks castle 3


Put (2) double hole window blocks on top of each other at the front of the castle and at the back. Then add a stack of (2)4" small blocks on each side.

wooden blocks castle 4


On top lay (4) 6" large blocks.


STEP 6,7,8

Now add a level of (4)2" large pieces, a 2nd level of (4)2" large blocks and a top level of (4)2" small blocks as shown.

make castle wooden block set 6wooden block set castle 7 wooden block set castle 8


Place (2) 8" column inside the center of these 3 levels of blocks. And top this tower with (2)large triangles.

Then on each front corner of the castle  stand (2) triple hole windows on their ends as shown. Remember to repeat this on the other corner of your structure.

classic toys make a castle 9 classic toys castle 10

STEP 11 AND 12

On top of the triple windows add a large 4" wedge.

Next place (3)6" columns standing on their ends next to the triple window tower.

classic toys blocks activity 11 wooden building blocks castle 12


To the side of each tower made of columns we stood a 4" large, then (2)2" large blocks stacked, then another 4" large.

Then complete it by adding (2) 2" small blocks on top so they are placed on their long edge. Put a 2" single hole window in front of the 2" large blocks.

wooden building blocks castle 13wood blocks castle 14


wooden blocks castle

Inside the castle lived a giant and his wife. His wife was kind and gave him breakfast, but warned him to leave for if the giant even smelled him, he would eat him for dinner. Soon Jack heard the enormous footsteps of the giant. He sat down at the table to count his bags of gold.

Build a giant

make a giant from building blocks

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Here's the blocks you'll need to make a giant.

Large blocks-(2)2", (6)4"


Wedges-(2)6" small wedges

Windows-(2)2" single hole, (1)4" single hole, (1)triple hole

Just look at the picture to recreate him.

blocks to make giant wooden blocks giant

The kind woman hid Jack but the giant sniiffed the air and said,

"Fee-fi-fo-fum,  I smell the blood of an Englishman,  Be he alive, or be he dead,  I’ll grind his bones to make my bread."

The woman convinced her husband there was no one there and when the giant fell asleep Jack slipped out past the sleeping giant. But he snatched a bag of gold on his way and quickly took it down the beanstalk and home to his mother who was delighted. "See mother those beans were magic" exclaimed Jack.

Next day Jack went up the beanstalk again. This time he saw the giant with his prized hen. The giant commanded the hen to "Lay" and to Jack's surprise the hen laid an egg of pure gold. I've just got to have that hen said Jack to himself. Soon  the giant sniffed the air and again repeated "Fee-fi-fo-fum,  I smell the blood of an Englishman,  Be he alive, or be he dead,  I’ll grind his bones to make my bread." This time he began to search for the smell of the boy but finding nothing fell asleep. Jack quickly darted out , snatched the hen and ran for the beanstalk. The giant awoke and asked "Where's my hen?" but by then Jack was down the beanstalk and proudly showing his mother the hen.

Build the hen

make building blocks hen

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Blocks needed to make the hen.

Large blocks-(3)2"

Wedges-(2)4" small, (2)4" large


Square Posts-(2)4"


Rhombus-(2) optional instead of wedges

blocks to make hen


Make a nest and some golden eggs.

Use (2)small arches and (2) square posts to form a nest. Then inside it add (3)2" large blocks for the eggs.

toy blocks hen 1


Make the hen's body out of (2) large 4" wedge placed on their sides. The angles edges are together.

toy blocks hen 2


Add some wings. We used (2)4" small wedges, and we used a little magic here. Use some tape to make them stick to the sides of the body. You could also use rhombus blocks for the wings if you have them.

toy blocks hen 3


Add the (2) small triangles for a head and there's a magic little hen that lays golden eggs.

toy blocks hen

Now Jack was still not satisfied so once again he climbed the beanstalk. Today the giant was holding a golden harp that sang so beautifully. It sang until the giant once again fell asleep. His snoring shook the house. Jack crept in and quietly slipped the harp from the giant's hands. But as Jack was making off, the harp let out a scream. The giant awoke, put his nose to the air and cried, "Fee-fi-fo-fum,  I smell the blood of an Englishman,  Be he alive, or be he dead,  I’ll grind his bones to make my bread." Out of the corner of his eye the giant spotted Jack and with thunderous step he chased after him. 

Jack dashed for the beanstalk and hurriedly climbed down but the giant was right behind him. Once at the bottom he called for his mother to bring the axe. When she did he used all his strength to chop and chop that beanstalk right down.

Knock down your beanstalk (No axes please!)

That's the beauty of playing with blocks, it's fun to knock them down!

The giant fell to the earth and never bothered Jack or his mother again. And they lived happily ever after!

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Watch for more fun activities for kids inspired by fairy tales in coming blogs from Back To Blocks! Use these classic toys to tell some classic tales. 


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