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Build this huge castle from wooden blocks. Summer is here and the kids need creative things to do. Here's a great project that will occupy them for hours, get them away from the tv, and let them be totally creative. Make this large wooden blocks castle complete with moat and drawbridge. Just follow these easy step by step instructions.It's the 3rd in Back To Blocks "Create A Castle" series of fun things to build from wooden blocks. Made from our largest block set, the "Super Stacker". It's a big project for you and all your friends! It's also a good lesson that teaches symmetry. Each side of the castle is the built the same on each side, so kids can learn what it means to be symmetrical. Blocks are a great way to get in some summertime math practice and have fun too!


Small Blocks-(30)2", (32)4", (12)6", (8)8"

Large Blocks-(10)2", (2)4", (8)6", (4)8"


Triangles-(4)small, (4)large


Columns-(8)4", (4)6", (4)8"

Square Posts-(5)4", (6)6"

Window Blocks-(3)double hole, (4)triple hole

blocks to build a castle


Place (2)triple hole window blocks so they are standing on their end. Then place 

a small arch on top as shown below. Adjust how far apart the window blocks are to fit the

span of the arch.

wooden blocks castle step 1


Each side of the castle will be built the same. So we will give instructions for just one side, then just repeat on the other side. 

The front wall of the castle is as follows. Next to the blocks with the arch on top add the following wooden blocks-

1st an 8" large block, then (2)8" small blocks, then (2)6" large blocks. 


wooden blocks castle step 2


Make the back walls by repeating the same pattern as         Next make the back center part of the back wall by stacking

the sides of the front wall. See below                                        (4)6"small blocks on their edge and then (2)double hole window

                                                                                                          blocks on top of that.

wooden blocks castle step 3 wooden blocks castle step 4


Now add the roofs. This is made from small 6" blocks placed on top as shown below.

wooden blocks castle step 5


Next you will make some towers. One on each side, so repeat these instructions on both sides. 

Level one uses (9) 2" small blocks and (1)triple hole window. Place one 2" block standing on it's small

end next to the castle, then the triple hole window also standing up on end, then place the rest of the

2" small blocks so they form a circle that connects to the back of the castle.

castle from kids building blocks step 6


2nd level of the tower is (8) 4"small blocks. The 1st goes directly on top of the block next to the castle front. The others

are placed so they are placed on top of the gap between the lower wooden blocks.

castle from kids building blocks step 7


The 3rd level of the towers is also made of (8)4" small blocks placed as in level 2.

castle from kids building blocks step 8

Here's how your castle should look now you have completed the 2 towers. 

make a castle from blocks step 9


Make the battlements on top of the castle. You will use (10)2" small blocks, (8)2" large blocks and (2)4" large blocks.

First we'll place the battlements on the back wall. Starting in the center part of the back wall put (2)2" small blocks on their smallest edge on top of the center back wall. Then on top of the roof to each side of the center back wall put  2" large block standing on end. Then on top of the lower part of the roof put a 4" large block standing up.

The battlements on the front wall are all 2" large blocks place them as shown below along the front wall. They will be in line with the back wall battlements.

Last put the battlements on top of the towers. Each tower has (4)2" small wooden blocks. These are placed so they are on their longest edge. They span the gaps of the tower blocks. Note the front battlement spans the large space that is above the triple hole window.

build a castle from wooden building blocks step 10


Make sure your castle has some flags. Use (4)8" columns that are placed on each roof section. Then add a large triangle on top of each.

build a castle from wooden building blocks step 11


Make the steps up to the castle and the drawbridge. Next to the castle lay (2)6" square posts stacked on top of each other in front of the doorway of the castle. Then in front of that place a 4" square post and then a 2" small block laying flat. These are the steps. Now put (2)6" square posts in front of the step laying down, then another (2)6" square posts, and then a 2" small wooden blocks. This represents the drawbridge.

castle from kids blocks step 12


Line the sides of the drawbridge as follows-on each side you will place right next to the steps, a 8" column standing up, then about 4" away a 6" column then in the same spacing (3)4" columns. On top of the 8 and 6 inch columns put a small triangle. Then on top of the sets of (3)4" columns add (2)arches. In front of the last 4" column add a 4" small wedge.

build a castle from blocks step 13


No castle is complete without a moat. Use (2)4"square posts, a 4" column and  a 6" column to form the moat. Repeat on each side of the drawbridge.

things to build with blocks


You can make some boats for your moat too. Here's 2 examples that we built. The first uses a double hole window block on the bottom, (2)2" large blocks on top of that and a 4" large wedge for a sail on top.

wooden blocks castle step 14

The second sail boat is made from an arch that is placed with the curve facing up. Add a 4" small wedge on each end for the sails.

how build a castle from blocks step 15



how to build a castle from wooden block set

But wait, you could make it even bigger! Here's the blocks that should be left over from a "Super Stacker" block set. This set has lots of blocks and lots of shapes, so the possibilities are endless. See what other creative things you could add to your castle. Maybe you could add more boats, a sea serpent in the moat, or a catapult. Imagine, dream and create something awesome from your wooden building blocks!

blocks for kids

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