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Celebrate Leap Day with your kids! Make a cute little Leap Day Frog from wood blocks. This day only comes once every 4 years, so "Jump" on in and have some fun with the family. Be silly, goofy, and get creative by making this funny frog from blocks. Build a memory that will last clear until next Leap Day. Make a "splash" with this simple project from wooden building blocks.

Here are the blocks you will need to complete this project. If you need any of these shapes, you can purchase them as Individual Blocks For Sale.


Small Blocks-(1)2"

Large Blocks-(3)2"


Wedges-(2)small 4" wedge

Square Posts-(1)4"


Window Blocks-(2)2"single hole

blocks needed to make a frog


Lay the 2" small block flat on the table. Then stack a large 2" block on the top.

step 1 make a frog from wood blocks


Stand (2)large 2" blocks in front of the stack of blocks. See picture below.

step 2 make a frog from wooden blocks


Place the 4" square post so that it lays on top of the 2" large blocks as shown below.

step 3 make a frog leap day activity with kids blocks


In front of the square post place the small arch so the curve of the arch faces up. Then behind the arch and on top of the square post place the (2)2" single hole window blocks. These are your leap day frog's big buggy eyes!

step 4 toy blocks frog


Make the frog's front legs from the (2)of the small triangles. Place them on the table in front of your wooden blocks frog as shown below.

step 5wood blocks frog for kids to make


To make his back legs first take (2)small triangles and stack them on top of each other to they are next to the frog's body. Then place another small triangleto in front of and to the side of the front legs you just made from the other triangles. Then put a small 4" wedge so it angles from the back set of triangles and  the pointed part of the wedge rests on the front triangle. See picture below. Repeat this on the other side for the wooden blocks frog other leg.

step 6 make a frog from toy blocks

This is how your frog should look now. A little silly but use your imagination!

wood blocks frog

You could also add a long sticky tongue that is catching a fly. We made ours out of a couple of colorful pipe cleaners. But you could use paper or something else you have around the house. Be creative!

And then your Leap Day Little Frog is done!

Hope you had a "Hoppy" time building your little frog. What other fun things could you make from wood blocks? 

leap day activity for kids make a frog from wooden blocks

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Wood blocks for kids can make any hum drum day, fun and unique. So dump out your set of blocks and see what else you can  build. Don't wait another 4 years to do something silly, goofy and laughable. Jump out of the box and do something unique with your wood blocks! 

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