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Do your kids get bored waiting for the turkey to cook? Want to keep them out of the kitchen for a while?Here are 2 great activities for kids to do on Thanksgiving. Build this cute turkey or the Mayflower from some simple wooden blocks. Maybe play a block building game too. A few simple wooden building blocks can be transformed into something for any holiday. You could even use these as a unique centerpiece for the  table. Follow these simple instructions for a "gobble" of fun on Thanksgiving Day. 


kids wooden blocks turkey

No Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey! Build this funny one from kids wood blocks. This is a simple project for even the little kids. No difficult balancing required. Add some creative decorations too. This project was made from our "Crazy Constructor" 120 piece wooden block set. It uses 61 blocks and is easy for kids to build. Even the adults will like creating this bird!

Get step by step instructions with photos here-TURKEY MADE FROM WOODEN BUILDING BLOCKS!

Once you've succeeded with the turkey, try our next building block project.


build the mayflower from kids wood blocks

If you want a project that's a little more challenging try building the Mayflower. This project uses our "Castle Creator"118 piece set. There are a lot of fun shaped blocks in this set for tons of creativity. It's one of our most popular block sets. Building this version of the Mayflower could be a fun project for kids to build with an older sibling or cousin or even grandpa too. 

Get easy to follow instructions with detailed pictures here-THE MAYFLOWER BUILT FROM KIDS WOODEN BLOCKS!

If everyone is having lots of fun building, don't stop at these two projects. Let the kids (or adults) create more.Here's  a simple block building game you could play as a family.


Write down 10 Thanksgiving items on smalll pieces of paper. Divide into 2 teams. Then have someone from one team choose a paper. They have to build that item written on their paper out of blocks within a certain time limit. They try to get their team to guess correctly what they are building. 

You could also do this by having the person who is building choose something they are grateful for, and then try to build that and make their team guess. 

Be creative, find creative ways to be spend time as a family this holiday season.

Wooden blocks aren't just for kindergarteners. They can be a fun way to play together as a family!

Back To Blocks is so grateful for the opportunity we have to meet so many wonderful people from around the world. We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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