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Here's a great gift to put under your family Christmas tree! Wrap up a large wooden block set.This classic toy that will provide hours of creative and educational fun.Wooden building blocks are a classic toy that never goes out of style. They may not be flashy or high-tech but blocks will provide hours and even years of good, natural, educational play for your child. In generations past wooden blocks were a traditional Christmas time gift for children. Let your child experience the joys and benefits of playing with a good old fashioned wooden block set. When it  comes to building fun-the bigger the better, so get one of Back To Blocks jumbo size sets for the family!


#1-More blocks, more creativity!

There's nothing worse than not having the pieces to finish the great idea you started to build. Running out can be a real creativity killer. Not enough blocks makes kids lose interest in playing with a great creative toy like wooden blocks. But to have a big bunch of blocks of different sizes and shapes draws children to the task. Children will tend to play with a large set of blocks much more than small set. Give them the tools they need to be creative, give them lots of blocks.


Here's a ship built from our largest maple block set the "Wooden Wonder"  It has a great combination of large blocks, small blocks and lots of shapes. This ship was about 3 feet long and a foot in diameter. 

ship made from large wooden block set

#2-More blocks, more economical!

The largest block sets from Back To Blocks are our best value. Not only is the price per block lower in our large sets but there more of the larger blocks and more shapes so the value per block is even higher. So purchasing 2 of the 60 block sets is not equivalent to our 120 piece set. The bigger the set, the more blocks, the more bigger blocks, and the more shapes.For example our beginner set the "Basic Builder" which has 60 blocks and 10 shapes has a cost of about $0.97 per block. Our "Super Stacker"" 190 piece set which has 24 shapes is only $0.92 per block. Blocks are a toy that will last for many years. They are a great lasting value!

Compare the number and kinds of blocks in these 2 sets. 

"BASIC BUILDER"-60 PIECE SET                                                                      "SUPER STACKER"-190 PIECE SET


60 piece wooden block set190 piece set of wooden blocks

#3-More blocks, to use as they grow!

Certainly a 2 or 3 year old doesn't need 190 blocks and may even be overwhelmed by too many. However, they will want more blocks and more shapes as they grow. A 5 year old will want tons of blocks to build a whole city, and share with siblings and friends. Playing together and cooperating in building a big project is an activity the early school age child loves.

One suggestion is to purchase a large set but then only give a smaller child a portion of the blocks while they are young. A 2 or 3 year old will play with maybe 30-50 blocks that are mostly squares and rectangles. But as they get to be 4 or older they like 100 blocks and they will start using triangles, wedges, and arches etc. 

Blocks can be a real social toy that kids love to share! So have plenty for all the friends to play together!


kids playing with wooden building blocks

Large wooden block sets are not generally available in stores.

Here's a great selection that we offer here at Back To Blocks!

"Super Stacker" 190 piece set- Lots of variety, This is a 6 gallon bucket full of blocks!

"Fun With Friends" 150 piece set-Great family set and for sharing with friends. Full 5 gallon bucket.

"Big Block Bucket" 90 blocks that are our biggest and longest pieces. Full 5 gallon bucket.

"Wooden Wonder" 132 of our premium maple blocks. Full 5 gallon bucket.

Not finding what you want? We also have individual blocks for sale to add to any set, Add on Sets to supplement any set and we can always help you put together a custom order of your favorites.

Back To Blocks would love to provide your family with a large set of wooden blocks. Call us anytime.

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