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Back To Blocks is located in the beautiful state of Utah. Here we've had a little hint of spring. We have enjoyed some warm weather recently and are beginning to see a bit of color coming back after a long snowy white winter. A few flowers are popping up and it give us all a bit of the spring fever. Seeing my crocus bloom and my tulips peek through, reminds me of one of the most beautiful places in Utah in the spring, the grounds Salt Lake Mormon Temple.This place is spectacular at this season. Each year, temple square becomes a rainbow of color as 250 flower beds burst with hundreds of thousands of beautiful blooms. So in anticipation of this budding of springtime here in our state, we have used our wooden blocks to create the Salt Lake Temple. The Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to build, but this version should only take you a few short minutes. To complete this block building project you'll need  some balancing skills, so the younger kids may need a little help from mom or dad. Try it out with your kids and some wooden blocks today. And if you are ever in Utah, don't miss the opportunity to see this beautiful place. 


Small Basic Blocks-(12)2", (8)6", (8)8"

Large Basic Blocks-(3)2", (2)8'

Wedges-(4)4" large wedge, (4)6" large wedges

Window Blocks-(8)double hole, (8) triple hole

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Wooden Building Blocks Temple Set

blocks used to build salt lake temple


Stand a 8" large block on it's end on the table. Then place a 8" small block on each side of the large block. Make the small blocks so that they only come half way to the front edge of the large block. See below.

step 1 wooden blocks temple


Now add (2) 8" small blocks one on each side of this structure. They are placed perpendicular to the structure and are in line with the small blocks. See picture below.

step 2 wooden blocks temple


Next you will need (4) of the triple hole window blocks. Stand these on end at the corners of your temple. One triple window goes on the front of the corner and one on the side of the corner. Do this on each end. The front facing window blocks should be in line with the large block in the center. This makes the front wall of your model of the Salt Lake Temple.

step 3 wooden blocks temple


Now we will make the sides of the temple. Make a row or (4)double hole window blocks on each side of your temple. These are standing on their ends next to each other extending backwards from the front wall. Then on the inside side of these double hole window blocks add a row of 6" small blocks standing up on end. These are the side walls of your building.

step 4 wooden building blocks temple


Now create the back wall of your temple. It is identical to the front wall. Repeat the pattern of blocks from the front wall at the back of the temple.

step 5 build salt lake temple from wooden building blocks


Place (8) of the small 2" blocks on top of the side walls as shown below. These blocks are placed on their longest edge.

make temple from childrens building blocks


Now we will make the base for the spires. The spires of the Salt Lake Temple are higher on the east or front end of the  temple than the west spires. So on the back wall place a 2" small block flat on each corner. On the front wall you will put a 2" large blocks on each corner so that they are standing up the tall way. In the middle of the front wall, on top of the large 8" block put a 2" large block standing up. Then on each side on top of the 8" small blocks place a 2" small block standing up. 

building with blocks make salt lake temple


Add the spires. The center spires are made of (2)6" large wedges place with their flat sides together and then placed on top of the temple. The side spires are a single 4" large wedge with the flat side of the wedge facing toward the center of the temple. 

Your wooden blocks model of the Salt Lake Temple is now complete. 

make salt lake temple from wooden blocks

Front View Of Salt Lake Temple made from children's building blocks.

wooden blocks temple front view

We hope you have enjoyed this project. To see more famous buildings built from wooden blocks see our London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building

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