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"Holy Creativity Batman, the Batmobile made from wooden blocks!" How did they do it?!"

"Remember Robin, Imagination is Everything! Let's investigate this case further and find the secret plans for this wooden blocks Batmobile."

Kids who's your favorite Super Hero? Batman, Superman, Iron Man or maybe Captain America? Join us here at Back To Blocks for some creative building projects right up the Super Hero alley. Look each week for a different Super Hero building project. We'll start off with Batman's coolest mode of transportation-The Batmobile, all made from simple wooden building blocks!

This is a simple project that even the littlest super hero fans can build. Use your powers of creativity and the simple instructions that follow.


You will need the following blocks to build this project.

Small Blocks-(7)2"

Large Blocks-(2)2", (4)4"

Wedges-(2)Small 4" , (4)Large 4"

Arches-(2) small

Window Blocks-(2)2" single hole 

blocks to build batmobile


Place the (2)2" large blocks laying on their longest side flat on the table. Then add (2) 4" large blocks on

each end of the 2" blocks as shown below.

step 1 wooden blocks batmobile


Next add (2) of the large 4" wedges on one end of the 4" large blocks as shown. This is the front of the Batmobile.

step 2 wooden building blocks batmobile


Now you will add the wheels. Use (4) of the 2" small blocks. Yes these wheels are square not round

but remember "Imagination Is Everything". By the way Einstein is the one who said that. The front two

wheels will have their front edge line up with the back edge of the wedge at the front. The back two wheels

will extend out beyond the back of the car a little.

step 3 toy blocks batmobile


Place a small arch on top of each back wheel. The curved part of the arch goes on top of the wheel. 

step 4 wood blocks for kids batmobile


Next we'll make the seats. The batmobile was a 2 seat coupe. You'll need a seat for both Batman and

his trusty sidekick Robin. First take (2) 2" small blocks and place them laying flat on top of the back edge 

of the car. Then in front of those lay the (2) 2" single hole window blocks. Then in front of that put one more

2" small block only lay it sideways to the seats. 

step 5 make the batmobile from wooden blocks


Now take the last (2)4" large wedge and place them behind the two seats. The slope of the wedge will 

be facing the back of the car. 

step 6 wooden blocks batmobile


Last of all we'll make the "bat wings". There are many versions of Batman's famous mode of transportation.

The large fins or "batwings" were one iconic feature of all these cars for Gotham's mysterious crime fighter. 

Use the (2) 4" small wedges to make the wings. Just place one on top of each arch. The pointed part of 

the wedge will face the front of the car. Make them extend over the back edge of the arch a little as shown



"Holy Hot Builder", you have done it! Your Building Block Batmobile is now complete!  So it's off to 

catch from criminals and then back "To The Bat Cave!"

build this wooden blocks batmobile

If you enjoyed this project watch for more Super Hero building ideas to come in the following weeks! There are

limitless ways to play with a set of wooden blocks!

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