wooden jigsaws for toddlers

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Happy Halloween from Back To Blocks! Hope you have a spooky, fun, and safe holiday. Here's some of our favorite Halloween activities for kids using simple wooden building blocks. Check out these Creepy Creatures and Crazy Halloween Castles. Just follow the links to find easy to follow step by step instructions for each.  A fun and different Halloween activity that kids will love! Creative toys like wooden blocks can add to the fun of any holiday!


Many of these are easy table top designs easy enough for the little spooks! These are all table top designs that require no balancing so little kids enjoy them and aren't frustrated by toppling blocks. See what other Halloween creatures you can create with a few simple shapes of wood. 


Try to build this spooky spider on her web. Or for a more simple project just build the spider.  

wooden building blocks spider


This little upside down critter can be made in minutes. Just a few blocks, easy for even preschoolers. 

Use a little of your Halloween candy to add some batty details!

bat made from wooden toy blocks


One of our most popular designs. This is simple and cute and can even be a simple anatomy lesson. 

You can also reposition your skeleton buddy to make him walking, running, dancing. Give him a scary face, funny face  or maybe even a few missing limbs. Be Creative!

skeleton made from kids building blocks


Another table top design that's fun for kids of all ages. Make "Frank" and decorate him with some of your Halloween treats!

Halloween activity for kids Make Frankenstein from wooden blocks


For  a little more building challenge for the older kids may want to try one of these spooky Halloween haunts!

From a tumble down haunted house to Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Or make your own ghostly abode!


The easiest of our haunted house designs. This project is made from only a few blocks but requires a little bit of balancing for this crookedy old place. Try it first then try your skills at our more difficult projects that follow.


wooden blocks haunted house


This is designed after the real Bran Castle that is said to be the home of Count Dracula. Lots of towers and fun shaped blocks used in this project. 

dracula's castle made from toy blocks


For the grandest haunted castle of all try building Harry Potter's famous school of witchcraft and wizardry-Hogwarts!

This is a big block project and requires using some creative things from around the house but it will be a fun project to entertain all those little muggles in your house!

make hogwarts from wooden building blocks

Halloween is a time of creativity, costumes, houses decorated with all kinds of spooky and mythical beasts! Develop creativity in your child by enjoying fun traditions like the Halloween craziness. One of the best ways to promote  a child's natural creativity and  is to let them play with toys that promote imagination. Wooden building blocks are one of the best. That's why they have been a classic toy, popular with kids everywhere for many generations. 

We have a few more Halloween creations you can try. See our Spooky Owl, our very popular Pumpkin Faces or a simple Jack O Lantern.

For even more ideas see our Building Block Project Ideas Page. You'll find other holiday ideas too.

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