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ONCE UPON A TIME...!Young children love story time! Fairy tales are some of their favorites. Here's a fun way to make story time different and exciting. Gather the little ones around in a circle on the floor. Dump out a big set of wooden blocks and as you begin the tale, let them build the elements of the story. Playing with toy blocks is a great way to build social skills. You'll find they love to work together while building their favorite character or a setting for the story. Make sure and encourage their creativity! You may find that they may begin to add their own ideas to an old favorite tale. You know Aesop isn't the only one who can spin a good yarn!, Challenge them to make up their own ending to a fable. Let them change a character, for example how would the story be different if Goldilocks met the 3 elephants instead of the 3 bears? Can an elephant huff and puff, could an elephant go down the chimney? Soon you'll find that they will be engaged in fun and healthy creative play! All with a set of wooden blocks!

Here's some ideas to start you off! We've picked a few favorite fairy tales and fables and built a few things from that story. Some have instructions to help you but most are just pictures that kids could easily copy or make on their own. These are just ideas to get you started on your story-telling quest!


activities for kids the three bearsOur first tale is Goldlilocks and the Three Bears

This is probably one of the first fairy tales a child learns at a young age. We have made these really simple designs that even a young 2 or 3 year old could succeed in making. Kids this age love something even very simple made from their wooden blocks.

Of course you need a Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Daddy Bear.

three bears made from wooden block set 

We have a simple chair made from wooden blocks.

wooden blocks chair from goldlilocks

Just a few toy blocks and you can hear Baby Bear cry, " This Bed Is Too Hard!"

toy blocks activity make a bed from blocks

little mermaid fairy tale activity for kidsNext one of my favorite fairy tales-"The Little Mermaid"

Copyright: tigatelu / 123RF Stock Photo

mermaid made from toy blocks Look at the picture to create this mermaid flat on the table.

Or for something more of a challenge make Sebastian the Crab. You can find step by step instructions here.

Wooden Blocks Crab

wooden blocks crab

Or you could create the Prince's ship. Find out how here. Ship Made From Blocks

ship made from kids wooden blocks

three pigs fairy tale activities for kids "Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin" can we forget The Three Little Pigs

Copyright: comodo777 / 123RF Stock Photo

First you need a pig, or 3 pigs! Simple instructions found here. Make A Piggy From Your Wooden Blocks

wooden building blocks pig

Construct a "Wolf Proof" house. Don't forget the chimney. 

house made from toy blocks

You should include a fable too.  A fable is a short story that usually is about animals and that is intended to teach a lesson.My favorite is "The Ant And The Grasshopper".

the ant and the grasshopper fableactivities for kids with wooden blocks

So what do you need to build?  Here's how we made a busy ant, and a lazy grasshopper. See if you can make them too. Instructions To Build Ant And Grasshopper 

ant made from kids blockswood blocks grasshopper

Don't stop now! There are so many more tales to be told and built and dreamed!

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Watch for more fun activities for kids inspired by fairy tales in coming blogs from Back To Blocks! Use these classic toys to tell some classic tales.  

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